Dental health is a vital part of overall wellbeing, and we are happy to share some promising developments in dental coverage for Canadians.

The federal government is proposing the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), a much needed initiative designed to extend dental coverage to those who need it most. The CDCP includes:

  • Dental care coverage for uninsured Canadians with household income under $90,000/year.
  • Coverage for children under 12 from uninsured low and middle income families by end of 2022.
  • Include children and teens under 18, seniors, and people with disabilities in 2023.
  • Launch of the program to all eligible Canadians by 2025.
  • Full coverage of costs for households with income less than $70,000/year.

In the meantime, the Candadian Dental Benefit (CDB) program offers direct, tax-free payments to help families manage the costs of dental care. This benefit is specifically for children under 12 who lack private dental insurance and come from families earning less than $90,000 annually. The CDB provides up to $650 annually per child under 12 for two years, to a maximum of $1,300 for dental services.

For detailed information about the CDCP and CDB, and how these programs can benefit your family,just ask one of our team memebers at Smiles 4U Family Dentistry. You can also visit the Ontario Dental Association website by clicking here ( ) for more information.